Official Chink Server?

hahaha just joined a private server while the real servers “official servers” were getting fixed. turned out there is an entire asian server of kids who cant play for shit…

introduced myself, they asked where i was from. said vancouver :slight_smile: next thing i know 15 guys in chat are spamming me in chinkanese and some english slander even though only 3 people were around me. guess i was marked as the english fag…

anyways they proceed to kill me after 6 p250 clips and talk shit in chat, so i go radtown, get a shotgun, and go back. climb into their base with 2 barricades and 2 pillars, kill them. grief the house, and get banned from server.

chink server OP. nerf plz?

Too stronk mang…

Ahh yes back in the AUS server before they added a China server :stuck_out_tongue: There were tons of them running around screaming at the new spawns and killing everything they saw. One group built right next to me all night I could hear them talking o.o it was driving me nuts lol.

im actually mad right now. like ive been banned from many servers but fuck, this one actually got under my skin.

its like a white person alarm went off on the server and then they thought they were above me, so as soon as i kick the rice out of them i got banned

Pretty much :stuck_out_tongue: If you don’t speak their language they will find you and they will kill you XD or ban you in that case


(User was banned for this post ("Racism + Previous bans" - Swebonny))

No racism in this thread then?

I am sure it has nothing to do with your shitty personality.

yes, the newly registered member of no background who comes into a thread about how disrespectful a chinese Pserver was has decided that i have a shitty personality.
after reading a “rant thread” of less than a paragraph he has determined my social standing and persona far beyond what those around me could and emerged with a fact for us.
i got news for you friend, you’ve got a really shitty personality. funny how that works?

edit: actually your right, ive gone back and reviewed my actions.

Chink: where you from?
me: vancouver

fuck what a cunt i am, this is justified now, i forgot to capitalize the “V”. this is outragous and im clearly a shitty person. thanks for pointing it out with your superior intellect and inability to miss such defects in me.

what the fuck are you doing

posting a rant thread and proceeding to provide retarded replies for equally retarded kids.
why do you ask?

This thread is just horrible.

indeed, a horrible thing happened and thus a horrible thread was made about it :frowning:
just… horrible

thanks though for the highly contributing and detailed reply. keeping the streak going

ITT: OP is actually a /pol/tard

this subforum is just horrible

There is a strong smell of ban in this thread… and it’s getting more and more obvious

well we should ask FP to stop posting global announcement every time we post a thread here so you dont have to see it…

wait? what?! they dont? you were browsing this subforum under your own discretion?
for a horable sub forum, you spent a plenty of time here don’t you.

hi person who recently joined 4chan and like to present them self as a harden flame war veteren. aside from using your 4chanany incorrectly i shall oblige and let you know how jewish you are.

there. now the OP can be verified as factual.

now go back 24C