Official cute pose Megathread - all of your d'awww poses go here!

I’ll start.


Previously posted but it’s all I have right now

Of all the ideas:wth:

This I have to contribute to. Headcrab is hilarious.

I think it is best for a megathread to be made when somebody complains about it.

god dammit bloo

Cute poses are crass and disgusting and they are clogging up the forums. They need to be contained to one thread.

Yes. To prevent further outbreak.

I usually don’t do cute, but I felt this was appropriate.

Is it… eating that headcrab?

No, it’s sucking the heads

Nah, just hugging it with its jaws.

d’awww and so on.

god, that female headcrab model is awfully ugly. the creator deserves a slap in the face

how can you say no to that bloodthursty little monster that will snap your neck on sight and eat your flesh ?so cute i just can’t resist to give it a hug before it eats me

An oldie:


Good grief. What is that on the last pic?

Oh and d’awww

Downs icthyosaur. D’aww. :3:

Crabhug Watermelon!