Official Edit My Screenshot Thread V7

  • Read the OP
  • No we will not edit something that isn’t from Gmod.
  • Turn off bloom and DoF before you take your picture.
  • Don’t repost images if it didn’t get edited. Usually, if it didn’t get edited, it wasn’t worth editing.
  • On a related note, don’t start whining that none of your pictures get edited. We aren’t your editing slaves.
  • Turn up your graphics before you take a picture, nobody wants to edit something with AA turned to negative 20.
  • Put time effort into your picture, and try to give it as many opportunities for editing as possible. Minge poses just clog the thread.
  • No this thread is not dying. For fucks sake quit complaining.
  • If you want to express your opinion on something, pm the creator. Don’t fill the thread with shit.


Can I have to post the same request from last thread?

Sure, we all do that once in a while.

Alright then.

I’ll try, but I don’t have the correct software for glitching.

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wait nevermind, found the notepad method, will try that.

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  • IN TWO2 FLAVORS* also image quality might be lost due to dropbox, uppix kept giving me errors.

Hand-drawing blood is neat, probably never going to do it again though.

Thanks, man.


Here is one I just made:

version w/ less light:

muzzle flash and smoke would be appreciated

Tried my hand at it.

Can I has potential?

Maybe just add a laser shot for the guardsman, and blue muzzleflash for the guns up by the bigger enemy?
And whatever else you wanna do with it.

Surprise me i’ll except anything.

Made the arms rigged and fixed all CS:GO Arms (Upper Arms)

eugh that jpeg compression

Sorry I THink you mean “Enaugh” I’ll fix it.

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This better?

could use the compression to your advantage and make it look like an Al Jazeera video

My policy: It’s yours w/ credit if you edit.

A Battlefield-ish edit would be neat.
Something like the image below:

do you buffoons even realize that JPG compression will ALWAYS ruin greenscreening

What do you suggest then?

I can’t scenebuild.
I can’t seem to find a way to make my own lighting.

Give me something other than ‘buffoon’, please.