(Official) Freakout DarkRP!

Hi guys, Just wanted to announce that i have my server up and running for a few of days not many player yet BUT i need people to join my group!
So join!

And download the stuff you need to do some awesome role playing (Not in the bed room)!
So server details and whats to come!

Size? 70 slots!
Lag free? Sorta depends on what you do and how you live your Roleplaying life!
Jobs? 24 jobs and 1 Admin job! BUT there is going to be a Huge Model pack update to the server with over 100 models so depends on the server update there is going to be over 100 jobs! and 20 Premium Account jobs! and 30 Admin Jobs!
Map Currently on: RP_EvoCity_V2D_fix

Already joined the group? Got everything you need? Then here is the IP:

This will probably go nowhere, try getting some friends, and getting an active community first.
That’s all I can say, as I’ve been in two community of Gmod already.

oh wow, another tasteless, boring and shitty roleplay server full of 10 year old admins, pass.

You are a 10 year old troll go away!

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It will i have hope for it but its not just friends its respect from the community as well unlike trolls the get so P***d off that they go and post unwanted comments making it look bad Thats the down side!

Looking at your announcements you are going to put 2GB of models on your server for jobs. I am going to pass this without a second thought.

Don’t put a shitload of mods, that’s all I can say.

any one who doesn’t download is not dedicated to Role-play there for possible “Minges”

how do i download stuff? since i’m a 10 year old troll you need to tell me how :downs:

You are setting yourself up for major disappointment. First, any server that runs 70 slots requires a top of the line server host. I assume you are just hosting this on your daddys computer, and if thats the case prepare for server crashes and lag up the ass. Secondly, 100 jobs just means a shitload of jobs that are very very similar to one another if not the same. No one will play 90% of those jobs. Thirdly, NO ONE, NOT EVEN YOUR CLOSEST FRIEND WILL DOWNLOAD 2GB OF MODELS FOR 100 JOBS THAT SUCK. And finally, you seem to be about 10-16 years of age and you seem to have minimal knowledge of running any server at all. I bid you good luck, but I don’t think you’ll make it far at all.

After viewing your page, I feel I must add to this.

You are actually 7-12 years of age.
You have the spelling of a 3rd grader.
You have a poorly made group with 0 active members and 100 inactive members.
You constantly post downloads for your members to download even though nobody probably has downloaded them even once. Anda lot of those downloads are useless mods that will just tack on more downloads for your clients.
You made a picture in MS paint for your group picture.
You posted an announcement where you seem nearly in tears that no one is on your server and that at the end of the month you would delete it if no one went on.

Some advice: Delete it now and save youself the trouble.

Your totally right. When I read this kids post, I just started to laugh.

And also he cant say shit about he’s spelling, he’s from England and he cant even spell. I’m from Sweden and I’m even better then him.

Second, the group you have dude, you probably random invite people so you can feel special because you have people around you.

Third, the paint picture was hilarious… stupid.

Your probably gonna download most of the job lua files from garrysmod.org

But If you feel like giving it a try do it, you never know.

Moral of the story: DarkRP servers hosted by stupid 10 year olds go NOWHERE.