Official Garrysmod Server Discussion Thread


This is the official thread for all server discussion. Discuss different aspects of servers, things liked and disliked about servers, favorite server gamemodes, and favorite servers in general. Servers that get nominated for best server will appear in this post![/release]

[release]As this thread relies solely on contributions from a large group of people,

the OP will be void of a lot of details until the posts start rolling in.

I will do my best to update the OP as frequently as I can with new servers and other information, as well as keep tabs on the discussion trend, and adjust the OP accordingly.[/release]


Below are the top servers as voted on by forum goers:

Lifepunch Servers
Garry’s Goons Server[/release]

Nominating lifepunch. Great servers.

Favorite gamemode is either openaura or green shift.

lifepunch jailbreak

darkrp 10 slot drugs wire phx

Sassilization Deathrun, Bunny Hop, Climb, Surf, Zombie Escape, RTS, Lobby.

Fun community and fun gamemodes.

Is Cold still involved with Sass?

Yarr, this thread be sinking fast.

Honestly one of my favorite gamemodes is DarkRP. I like the simplicity of it. I find it very unfortunate that the community it attracts are mingers and younger kids, but when you get some good, semi-serious roleplay going on with some of your friends, I love it.

He is still an owner.

Fun custom darkrp and zombierp servers.

I’m trying to stick with the GGG servers. I love them, you can build great stuff there without getting either bombarded or prop-pushed, people build proper stuff and make it efficient so the server isn’t struggling to keep up and you get an overall nice experience with GMod there. I haven’t seen a person spamming anything on there at any time, only from time to time (talking months), you’d get some whiny child who wants to scream. Nonetheless, a nice server for people who want to build proper stuff.

Any serious European build servers? NOT RP!

I’d have to say LifePunch even though the owner is a power-hungry jackass.


You know that little console command exploit? Well, I told Drew about it and I used it on the server because I was half-asleep. I admitted I fucked up and promised never to do it again. He said himself that I “attempted” to aimbot on the server in the ban appeal. So, Monkeys unbans me. But Lester used the same exploit. Lester is a good player so I back him up. Then directly afterwards, Monkeys bans me for the reason of “lying about using the aimbot”. You’re probably thinking I deserved this, but in all reality I didn’t. Here’s why:

  1. I TOLD Drew about the exploit. If it wasn’t for me, this would still be happening.
  2. I donated to the server. Seriously, what kind of person donates to a server they just plan on trolling?
  3. I was half-asleep when I did it.
  4. Other people don’t want me banned (BUT DERP MONKEZ IZ GUD OWNAR SO HE DUN HAV 2 LISTIN 2 ANY1).
  5. When I did it, there was no warning not to type in console commands like you see on the menu now.

But the biggest reason is just the fact that I actually told Drew about the exploit.

You told Drew about it, he would’ve fixed it and there would’ve been no problems. Being half asleep doesn’t justify your mistake. Donations don’t make you more valuable to the server or explain why you weren’t trolling.

Donations actually do make me more valuable to the server, believe it or not. And yes, it does explain I wasn’t trolling. You’re just another kid who kisses Monkey’s ass because he owns a server.

By the way, Drew did fix it. I honestly don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. On top of him fixing it, the exploit doesn’t have to ban people. It could just simply be blocked. But Monkeys loves to look like a big man so he wants people banned.

If this degenerates into an argument it’s my ass, guys. Keep it civil.

I agree.

Can i get some IPs for those favorite servers?