Official hats?

I know this has probably been suggested before, but what if Garrysmod had in-game earnable hats? You know, like Team Fortress 2. They would be unlocked by achievements, such as using the tool gun enough gives you a construction workers hat, getting the “warzone” acheivement (I beleive that is what it is called) would yield an army helmet, and then there would be admin-only hats, such as crowns. What do you all think?

Or if you kill enough zombies you get a headcrab hat?

i like this idea
but the PAC tool is just better, you can make anything a hat or a outfit, too bad most servers dont have it

I just thought of an idea! Reverse achievement hats! Dying enough times gives you a halo, being banned from people’s servers enough merits a traffic cone, etc. What do you think?

I think people will make an addon for it, and then everyone would just have it on that server anyway.

Well, you would just destroy the community…


No it wouldnt.

I like this idea. Very much. I enjoy the thought of a WWII GI helmet.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea. But easily whorable in this game so they loose all their worth.