Official Hawk Films

This is a new video production group making movies with the source engine (and other games will be used soon) that hopes to soon become famous.

We are dedicated to making Grade A (or somewhat close (or far)) machinima for our viewers enjoyment!

We are composed of only a few people and hope to get better with making films over time. please check out our channel and tell us how we could improve on our video.

Krazybomb (Part of advertising, acting and various other things.)

Wrong sub forum

Then where do I place it?

The films that were posted so-far seem to have potential, but are ruined by an amateur feel to them. No Anti-aliasing is used, the titles in the first are worse than a basic Windows Movie Maker title, and each video ends with an un-funny video of people walking around and talking about what they want to do next in the video.

Keep it up, but try to improve your methods. The ideas are good, but the execution needs work.

in the Videos subforum…?