Official London I: max entities reached?

on London I you cannot place anymore anything to the ground (bag, campfire) or build. All building parts you place immediately destroy. I’m not sure if that’s about a hard limit set into the game about entities count. To solve this problem please make all spikes decay faster (there are spikes which are there since 2 weeks at least, never repaired) and don’t allow to place pumpkins too close to each other, so people cannot spam 100 pumpkins in 3x3 area.

This is urgent as none can build anymore.

temporary solution is to break shit. since you probably HAVE hit the entity limit, every entity destroyed is an entity that can be placed;)

it worked for a few now we have the same issue. Can’t place/build anything.

rinse and repeat until the server gets wiped:) go hunt down an enemy clan and wreck their house so you can build yours bigger. make a game out of it;)