Official London I : Wrong Connection Protocol

Hi, when connecting to Facepunch London I server I get a “Disconnected: Wrong Connection Protocol”

It means your client and the server aren’t on the same version. Wait for the server to be updated, since the weekly update just came out.

It’s like this since 2-3 hours. Does it happen to you as well for London I ? My client should be updated.

The same in London 2

Updating clients but not the servers … Why? Any word from devs?

No. This happens every week. And I expect five more threads just like this about this server and others by people who don’t look before posting.


Don’t stop waiting until you can connect to the server. It may be a day or two. This is an alpha and things don’t always get updated the instant the patch goes out. Official servers are for testing and devs may have specific things they need to do before they’re ready to update. There also may be issues with the servers that require them to get their server hosting provider (they have servers in various countries where they don’t have FP Studios offices so they’re clearly not hosting them on machines by their desks) involved and that takes more time.

Please don’t bump this thread again, it will not help update the server any faster.

Elix, your reply makes no sense.

Players have every reason to expect, and ask, that an Official server will not be down for days.

You can’t really moderate the forum based on what you want. Who are you to tell players not to post or make threads. And, no, you don’t need to answer me.

Yesterday London II was down, i spoke to one of the admins. They got troubles with not only London servers and they dont know when will they fix it. I guess thats the reason.

Im sorry, but this is most dumb respond ever. I play this game for a while and i get this error by first time… There is no reason to be offline for more than few hours from releasing the update…

How do you know? Did you ever host a game?

9h30min now, how long does it usually take for london 1 to get up?

London II is down for 36h now


I saw some server that stayed as long as 7 days without updating.** “WAIT” **? yeah right.

the problem comes from the update itself. the servers that have the -autoupdate in their launch command are suppose to see the update and automatically downlaod the files and restart. but for some reason, this week we got another broken update that didnt increment the build number, or i dont know exactly what it did wrong, but surely none of the server got updated automatically. that means every server owners have to stay awake all night to update the server when the update is ready. for me it meant 4am last night. of course i was sleeping and my server suffered downtime.

If only facepunch could release updates properly and just use their -autoupdate function… Sometime they do, i know it works. but not this week.

You are justifying the downtime as “it happens every week”. To me is the opposite. It’s exactly because it happens often, devs should check why it happens and try to fix it as they are doing for other bugs and problems. It’s our role to report the problems, so devs can understand when and how those happen.

Now back to the issue. I see there are 16 people connected to London I right now, and the number varies. Is that an indication someone is working on it, or are those “old” connections?

Will be nice to get an ETA or some information of what is going on.

Anyone knows if the houses will decay as the server stays in this state?