[Official] Mafiarp

Mafiarp is a gamemode that I helped with in 2011 for gmod12. I have recently gotten the urge to remake it and with the proper authorizations from the original coder. The main goal of this gamemode is to start your own family/gang and become the most powerful gang that evocity has ever seen. Gangs will be ranked by how much money they have banked, their level, the amount of members, and how many generation factories they own. If making a family/gang isn’t your thing then you can go into the power plant industry and make your name there. This gamemode offers a variety of ways to make the economy intuitive such as player owned electric companies, player owned banks, stock market, crafting companies, street vending, and many other things in which we haven’t developed yet. The possibilities are endless so we hope you will join us when we go into beta.

ITT: Showcase of the features currently implemented and a sneak peak to future installments.
License plates:

License plates are generated randomly and stored to the specific car. Police will be able to tag cars that are wanted and be able to send out an APB to other police on their HUD. The hud will display the accurate color and model of the car for police to look out for.(WIP) On the police implementation.


Car Spawner and Salesman:

Car Painter:



Generators will be owned by players and have different rates on how much power costs. The only fuel that it can take is from the refinement of coal. As many printers or devices that require electricity are setup the power available lowers and when there is no more power capacity available the generator will be turned off until it can meet the rate of energy available.



Cars are shootable and the engines can be killed, as well players take damage and can die while being in a car.

Props can be destroyed by taking a certain amount of damage.
Police HUD
Police APB system
Gang Capture Points
Car buffs
Advanced Leveling (Leveling is already in an optimal state)
Stock Market
Advancements on Electric Company
Overall improvement on everything

Any questions and concerns can be left in the comments, please be constructive.
The beta server will be ready thursday.

This looks pretty cool! You’re going to have to change the graphics on some things. The liscence plates are a great idea but visually it looks like shit.

So it’s going to be like gangwarsrp, essentially?

What in the fuck does this have to do with the mafia?

Also, script errors, in every single screenshot. You should probably fix them before you go advertising your shit.

Holly shit nice job. This might be the mist unique roleplay gm ever.

It’s just a name and there will family’s/gangs so that is where the idea came from. And the script error is from wiremod which I haven’t had the chance to uninstall.
Do you have anything constructive to say?

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Ya thanks for the suggestion, it was something we had threw together quickly. Each car will need its specific dimensions of a license plate which we haven’t had a chance to work on as of yet.

My point is branding it “Official” Mafia RP when it has nothing to do with traditional “mafias” ie 1920’s - 1950’s era gangsters, and when there have been about 100 other “official” mafia RPs (including ones that are actually based around the aforementioned mafias) is a bit bold.

The reason it’s stated official is because it was a gmod 12 gamemode, we got the files and permission from the original coder to develop and run the gamemode. There are a few communities I gave the gamemode to.

If anything it should be named something like "Modern-Roleplay or Roleplay Redux

All I see here is license plates, basic menus, car system and entities.

You don’t really explain what this gamemode is about or what you can do etc. If you’re going to make a thread about a gamemode, at-least include some effort.

The name is going to be changed upon the final release, it will be based around the name of the community. Thanks for the suggestion. I am glad this thread is getting a few different opinions it is much appreciated.

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Thanks for the insight I will update the OP with some information about the roleplay abilities.

in OP:
Police HUD
Police APB system
Gang Capture Points
Car buffs
Advanced Leveling (Leveling is already in an optimal state)

WIP or not, he could show what he has right now so we know where he’s going with it.

Updated the OP, and keep in mind it is a WIP and I am trying to improve the quality of the post based on the comments.

Fix the Lua errors that show up in every single shot

This is known, will be updating the photos soon enough.

This looks good and the idea is good to but indeed do something about the grafics

Are these custom made cara like the models and code?

It is TDM cars and the code is completely custom.

Hey everyone, I am the developer of this game mode and any suggestions or constructive criticism will be took into consideration.

I am planning to have this released by this Thursday (20-June-2013)

The car registration plates were done late last night and I will refined the locations of the plates soon, cars also have passenger seats as you would expect.

We plan to call this Arctic-Roleplay instead of MafiaRP due to the change from Gang orientated to Industrial orientation.

Please join us on http://arctic-gaming.net/ if you wish to.

Looks awesome, I really don’t like the UI though, the menus and all look really bland and boring.