Official "Make My Background" Thread

Have you ever made a screenshot in G-Mod that you wanted to be made a background? You tried it but it didn’t work? Well here’s the thread for you. Post whatever screenshot you want to get made into a background, and it might just happen!

(By the way mods/admins, if this is breaking a rule please just delete it. I just got unbanned >.<)

My contribution will be coming soon.

Also, here is a quick tutorial on how to add sound to your garrysmod start-up.

  1. Go into your garrysmod/garrysmod/sound folder.

  2. Create a new folder titled “UI” nothing else, and without quotes.

  3. Take either a MP3 file, copy it and place it in the new folder you made (If there was already a UI folder, place it in there.)

  4. Rename the sound/song you just put in your UI folder, “gamestartup01”

  5. Try it out!

P.S. - I’m not quite sure if you can put more than one song.

Cant people do it themselves?


Or this:

Please and thank you.

No. I am far too lazy.

Oh… wow… those are two of the best pictures I have EVER seen! Great job! Someone oughta make that a background, it would attract so many downloads! You should be proud. :smiley: