Official release and wipe?

Hi guys. I was just wondering if anyone have an ETA on the steam launch today? I want to get ready, together with my team, to go into depths and get a good headstart. Also, do anyone know if the servers will be wiped when the steam launch is official. Many thanks.

Greetings Birdman.

probably yes.

I hope not. I think they should do wipes if there is a major update in my opinion.

we will see

I believe official servers get wiped when game appear in steam. Others-dont think so.

Will there be more official servers and will they be wiped/released with steam release?

At the moment there are only 2 offical servers; Australia and Facepunch Dev server

They better wipe… I’d hate to be new to this game and have to join a server full of geared people running around.

Wipe? there are servers that wiped yesterday!

For people that rent servers the wiping is optional but encouraged.