Official Rust Slogan

I vote that the official Rust slogan should be:

Drum roll please

Rock out with your cock out

I thought it was Stay Rusty

Not enough pizzazz!

“Dont trust, in Rust”

“I love you, Rock”

“Does this look infected to you?”

[sp]did I do it right?[/sp]

“Rock vs M4 Kevlar”

“God dammit, I am friendly!”

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Or alternatively: “That hacks account is for Minecraft!”

i vote for:
or maybe
“why does the furnance not work? i put all my Charcoal in it!”

“Meet me at the hangar”


To quote my favorite youtuber, “Depends, is that a gun?”

On an island called RUST, no one is a shining example.

Comedy Option: Rust: If you believe some of the community, it hacks itself while you run hacks for every other game!