Official server Admin


I was wondering whether admins on the official servers are going to be introduced down the line? I did a search but couldn’t find anything on here, if I’ve missed it I’d appreciate the link.

I play on UK1 and fairly known on there. Sometimes the chat gets a little out of hand and it would be better if there was some form of moderation of it. Also with the hacking problem increasing it seems, there should be a way of either reporting people in game, or contacting admins who can investigate.

If this is something that will be implemented in the future, I’d like to put my name forward for it. Especially on UK1.

I would love to play on the official servers too, but I refuse to as the cheaters know there are no admins on them and are running rampant and ruining any time spent on them for honest players.
You’d think with all that millions of sales rust has had they could afford to hire a few admins for their servers. They must realize that new players will start on official servers first and get a really bad first impression of the community full of cheaters and hackers before they realize (if they haven’t given up on the game already by that point) that community servers are actually administrated and offer some measure of policing against the cheater epidemic.

I agree with you, first impressions of the game where new players see hacks (or constantly hear complaints about them) or don’t have an authority to contact to get help is less than ideal. Sure they can be directed to the wiki or forums but there should be an admin on hand to help with any questions/queries specifically related to the server or reports of hacks etc.

I hadn’t thought of remuneration for the admins, I think there would be plenty of people willing to do it for free to help the game out, myself included but it is an interesting idea. Personally I’d rather see admins put in place for free rather than it not happen because they don’t want to pay for them.

I also think private messaging is important for this to work, to stop the chat box being flooded with people asking for an admin. Maybe they will address official server admins when this feature is implemented.