Official Server Admins Please Help: Hacking on the Official servers/Sidestepping VAC bans/New cheat

The hackers are shameless and unabashed about their use of hacks on official servers. Most don’t even try and hide it. Many of us have fraps videos of them flying and speedhacking. They horde resources and grief absoultey everyone who gets in their way.

If admins even spent 10 minutes per official server per day, they could ban the worst offenders. Especially considering some have already figured out how to get past the VAC bans and continue to play AND since there’s a new cheat which is very disrupting. Instead, no one admins the official servers and we’re all left to be griefed constantly. The servers have hackers who play at consistent times every day, for hours on end, cheating right out in the open. They need to be banned.

Regarding the new cheat, apparently they can just go to the command line(?) and kill anyone they want with a few keystrokes. The hacker on US East 2 (large) last night said that there was a radius feature involved. It made the game unplayable when he was around, because several people would just die all at once for no reason.

Didn’t you see the other locked thread?

Post it there.

If Steam is down, VAC can’t be contacted and the server defaults to allowing them. Steam has been having issues even worse than normal for a few days, so guess what happens?

Stop making new threads complaining about the hacks. VAC will get them.

The devs have better things to do than babysit the official servers: Make the game.

I’ve heard mention that this may be exploiting Rust Essentials, since it seems to have a command that lets admins kill players. Vanilla Rust does not have an admin command to force mass suicide.

just wait till VAC bans them and go play on another server
VAC takes time for people to ban
and also, are u sure admins arent the ones flying?

This is a call to action about official server admins doing their job. They are nowhere to be seen, and there are highly active hackers on the official servers that could be discovered in literally 11 seconds.

Don’t play on official servers then?

  1. There are players with VAC bans from 3 days ago that are still playing.

  2. The hackers flying around, killing people, and speed hacking are on official servers. They are griefing people. I highly doubt an official server admin would be doing that. This is a clear-cut case of official server admins not getting rid of the most plainly obvious threats on the server, and allowing people to be griefed.

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This is not a helpful reply. The solution to the problem is quite simple. Moreover, hacking occurs on plenty of servers.

But your “call” will change nothing.
We have a lot of these threads about “stop that hacking”. But the most of them just end locked up.
This game is early access. Cheats will keep coming during the early development.

Wow. It’s not about “STOP THAT HACKING”. It’s about getting the admins on the official servers to actually moderate!

They’re busy making the game to stop and babysit you and the hackers. VAC will deal with them soon, because it does not work right away, but watches and collects hundreds of names. A thousand have already been VAC banned.

Elixwhitetail already told you why, don’t just ignore what he said and continue complaining.

Steam has been wonky since yesterday, it’ll fix itself. You can’t get around a VAC ban.

If servers didn’t default to allow people in if it couldn’t check their VAC status, it would have to default to prohibit people if VAC is not responding to check-ins.

Which would mean, the instant Steam goes down, everyone gets kicked for VAC, everywhere, regardless of a clean VAC record.

Ok this makes sense, but I was playing on a Rust server while Steam was up and came across two players with VAC bans. When Steam is down, I cannot play Rust.

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Regardless, the hacking is so obvious, even 5 minutes per server could make a huge impact. There’s really no excuse for it. You can be an apologist all you want, but they released a game that they intend people to play. They wanted money up front. It’s not a charity. If it were free, then I would have no cause for complaint. They should factor into their budget a community admin that can keep the servers under control.

no reason to flame rodarkk…he’s right.

no one needs the devs to admin these servers. i’m sure dozens of people would volunteer to moderate/admin the official servers if someone just took 30 seconds to ask.

I got a 3 day ban for making a thread just like this one. It’s miserable on the official servers between the lag and the many many hackers.

Everyone knows who the hackers are. They ruin the entire server.

Also these hackers are using cracked copies of the game, so they just show up again after being banned.

I agree with Thread started on this, its really beyond a joke now…Why is people flaming him?? This needs to stop, the game will go down the hill if we don’t act and support him.

Please get admins to run your servers, the hackers are really spoling it now…

This is the problem with early access games. I got 4 of my buddies to buy this game, and the first experience they got was being killed by hackers for an hour.

Now they wont play anymore, and definitely will not check rust out in the future.

Rust now has a reputation as a game thats filled with aimbotters and lag.

Game makes millions.

Cannot afford a guy on $20k a year to clear up offical servers for 6h a day, and hold some nice interaction with the players, just like the good old days.

Good Stuff.

Hell you could pay him $12k a year. Or they could leave a single dev watching the forums while they announce that they are going on hiatus for a week. I understand this is alpha, but to announce you are disappearing for a week then leave no one to watch the forums when this game has had problems from day 1 with hacking. A temporary fix would take literally no longer than 10 minutes to implement. The fix was given on the forums yesterday but still nothing.

Exactly. I’m glad some people are supporting me on this. Gary is doing well with this game financially, and a reasonable solution is in the cards.

The other insane thing is how dedicated these hackers are to ruining everyone’s fun. They literally spend hours upon hours cheating and greifing. I find it rather perverse and disturbing. Please actively moderate the official servers. The community would truly appreciate it.