Official Server Wipe Updates

Server wiped 10/13

Did the servers get wiped today (10/15)?

Does it matter?

@elixwhitetail yes. I logged back in and it said I was dead. I don’t know if server reset or if I get killed. So when I asked people did the server reset, they said yes, but if you know people of rust, they always troll and lie.

If you woke up dead, you were almost certainly killed. A full wipe doesn’t leave you dead before you connect for the first time (unless it does that right now). Log into a server you’ve never been on before. If you log in and you don’t start as dead, you were killed and people were lying to you.

other option is find your house. if its not where you left it, its probably been wiped AND you have been killed. if its there, well they are trolling.

The ‘your are dead’ message does happen on servers that have been wiped and you were not killed in your sleep. Only time, like you said Elix, when you don’t see a ‘dead’ message is when you join for the first time. Every server I’ve been on that wiped for an update has given the same message.

…and reverting back to original question:

Yes, a global map wipe was forced with this latest patch due to a change in map seeding I believe.