Official servers aimed at solo's

Firstly, I work & I love my work as I’ve built my company into a successful company & I look forward to going into work every day. But like myself, a lot of people also work & this leaves very limited time to play rust. Yet, with every update, the game is being pushed towards groups & clans who play all day every day. There’s so much you can do in rust now. Growing, genetics, making tea for farming, electronics & all the other grind to obtain items. It’s just becoming more of a chore to play a game that should be fun.

That said, I dont think it should be easy either, but that doesn’t mean it should be very difficult for solo’s when playing along side groups & clans. So I think dedicated solo servers & some game updates. For example, no wipe servers so players can actually spend time building their base. I mean, when I play, it takes me best part of 2 weeks to obtain all the stuff I actually need to compete, because my times limited. That’s not including being raided by large clans who seem to pick on solo’s relentlessly.

I would also make the heli more dangerous & random. It’s very predictable & easy. I took it the other day using a an Abandoned Supermarket as cover & a sar. It needs more random attack plans. As the same with Brad, it’s just stupid. Sit still, keep firing & missing whilst taking hits… I’ve seen more intelligent lemmings. Make Bradley move to engage the target. Make it chase them so they have to work for it.

Id also like to see blueprints on no wipe servers have a production limit on tiered items. Low value, tier items have a high production. High value, tier items have a low production run. Once they’ve made x number of them, they have to research the item again to make more. This gets around people learning all the blueprints & dominating new players. Or maybe just wipe blueprints only, which would be more easier.

Anyways… I love playing the game, but I’m currently taking a break. This is because of covid lockdowns, I’ve had more time to play & I’ve just realised how much of a chore the games become to achieve anything. So I think they need to stop obsessing over large groups/clans & actually consider solo’s as well.

There are tons of community-run servers, I’m sure you can find some that fit your ideals.

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