official servers are a toxic gaming expirence

If you are checking these forums before playing, if you want to start out and do it right the first time… Do NOT join an official server. I feel for the 200 or so people trying to manage on these servers. While i could say that on the surface, you will find the most friends here, as well as enemys, the real problem is the hackers. Freshly wiped servers will witness massive metal towers going up within the first couple hours as well as the ever apparent and questionable rate of progression.

Hear this, i may be only 50 hours into rust, but it only takes a single hacker to throw the entire server off kilter, resulting in some incredibly powerful players while others struggle to simply get a shelter going. Take my advice people, do not fuel these servers, you only give the cheaters something fun to do and thus, it becomes viral as others decide to cheat as well. Find a good community server with good admins who deserve your time, who have a already built up a massive banlist of people so large that all hackers get is (failed to connect, banned)… I’m on a server right now with admins who swear never to spawn anything in and have never done so, nor do they play in any groups to avoid skepticism.

Do yourself a favor, dont join an official server.