Official Servers back up and have been wiped!

Finally someone was paying attention!


Been playing on NA server for so many hours…only 3 hackers so far.

how does one play in a server with no admins to ban hackers/sleeping baggers?

If you guys want to play on a vanilla styled server where hackers are banned quickly… look no further.

  • UpsetStarship

what all official servers are back up? (i am at work so i cant look)

Why do people even like official servers. It makes zero sense.

lots of people all the time, no admin abuse, doesnt get wiped in months, so lots of places to raid. the only down side is hackers but you learn to deal with them

Laggy, unstable, hackers, exploiters everywhere, congested buildings causing render lag. Cons outweigh the pros.

Its the same everytime.

Either deal with abusive admins or hackers.

Honestly I don’t care if admin spawn stuff for them unless they spawn c4 to raid other players. If they spawn kev and m4s that fine by me because most of the admin that do that suck at the game and it so easy to kill them and take their shit.

past two servers i joined the admins randomly one day went around in god mod and inv armor killing people and raiding bases taking everything

Sounds like you joined some really shitty servers. Don’t give up though, there are many more that don’t suck. You just have to find them.

Dat Helk.

nice. glad to see him back. can’t wait to see his progress on the airdrops.

18 official servers are now up and running.

No admin abuse because they don’t have admins…just tons of hackers. It’s not that hard to find a server without admin abuse that also doesn’t have hackers. I’ve banned over 500 people on mine and I don’t abuse crap…40-50 people on at peak times and bases for you to raid until the cows come home.

Are you related to UpsetStarship?