Official Servers hackerfree post-release?

Hey everyone, i really read the Thread rules and i still dont really know where to open this Thread. If im in the wrong section, pls just move the thread and dont ban me.

I just wanted to ask wether the official servers in Rust will be taken care of after release, cause right now u really can not play on it as hackers can do whatever they want with u and there are alot of them. I really dont like to play on private community servers either as there is always the possibility of admin abuse.

So for me its really Official Server or quit rust, and right now its get killed/robbed by hackers or quit rust.

I read other forum posts and i hope that people with alot of posts wont be as hostile towards me as they have been in other threads.

Just wanna know wether or not the official servers will eventually be taken care of post-release

Thank you