Official servers hacking [Legacy]

I searched a subform or thread for reporting hacks but didn’t find it (there was one 1 year ago), anyway I think it’s now time to dedicate a bit more effort to ban hackers on official servers, in particular on Germany 2 (Legacy) there are 4-5 which are ruining the game for everyone (as usual), I know they will eventually get banned by VAC, but some intervention will be appreciated. And yes, I know all the bla bla about it, as I’m here since years, I’m just asking it again.

Ravage [KAA’s] flyhack and speedhack

Skiba speedhack and aimbot

12345HEADShot speedhack and aimbot


There is no subforum for reporting hacks because you’ve done nothing but link three steam profiles with absolutely zero proof. The thread that used to exist for talking about hackers was to give everyone a single place to bitch so we wouldn’t have new threads clogging up the forum constantly just to bitch about hackers.

You’ve been here long enough to know that the official servers are unmonitored.

I know the status quo, but that doesn’t mean it may not change.

Proof should be on servers, i’m not going to post any proof as any proof can be made up with proper tools (like recording a video on your own server of someone flying with same name of the guy you want to ban).

I am pretty sure there is 0 chance of FP doing anything on a Legacy server. Sorry.