Official servers need restart

I’m wondering how often the status of Official servers is checked, because the one I am on has been bugged for 3 days now. Nobody can build.

I don’t think they’re ever checked. I never played on them so I can’t say.

please look at other threads before posting another one, there are about 50 different threads asking this same question, btw they are never checked or restarted, so yeah

im just anoyed because they say " weekly update and then we stay 3 weeks without 1. AT LEAST DONT SAY A DATE. i prefer wait 1 month for an update than staying all week “yes this week new update” and in the end nothing happens <.<

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in this moment they dont care about nothing <.< at least i cant see it

peaple read more bout updates coming most is in few youtube channels . tho i found more bout whats coming then they said