Official Servers offline?

Crashed - no servers showing under official. Anyone else?


Strange, our server on Multiplay just went down. Can’t restart.

EDIT. Glitch in Matrix. My servers back after 20 minutes.

I am getting no servers showing under official

same here

garry is a rich man. He should really either get a better provider or hire someone that can keep their official servers online. It just makes the game look bad when the games official servers themselves keep being pulled offline.

Washington was the last to go offline, with the message of “Stopping Server” in the console or some crap.

I imagine they pulled them offline due to the constant server restarts which many people are assuming is due to DDoS attacks but im not sure.



Hong Kong is up, but I don’t know if it is stable or not. Maybe the others will follow soon.

thanks for the update!

And whatever happen to the Official Ireland server?.. does anyone know?

It existed for about a week, was the most popular official server, and then disappeared never to be seen again!

Considering FacePunch and Rust are British, the Ireland server was our lowest ping server. Now everyone from the UK has to play on the Amsterdam server. Would be nice to have the Ireland server back on again, or better still, a dedicated UK server.

Their probably just doing some work on the Official Servers, they’ll be back eventually.

I hope they fix being dc’d every 5 min

Nobody is wholly safe from attack. The last year or two of major attacks on massive, well-protected companies should’ve demonstrated that.