Official servers should get wiped|poll

The official servers are up for a long time, now you can’t go anywhere without seeing tons of shelters and building, I think it’s with the same map for like 2 mounts, and honestly it’s little hard to play like this, there is tons of fps drops because of the mess

So, I think the official servers should get wiped, why?
*crazy fps drops because there are tons of building everywhere
*i know a lot of player who waits till the official servers will get wiped
*its up for like two mouths, it’s time to give frash spawners opportunity to start

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I’m pretty sure all official servers were wiped less than a month ago along with an update.

the last full wipe was 12-9. I bought the game right after that and the building i put on an official server remained until I let decay take it after it was raided. So it has been that long since a full wipe on official servers. The Shack redraw situation is out of control. Garry and Co. Should assign decay to shelters IMO.

I was pretty sure it was more recent than that, so I just looked, and the last official server wipe was on Jan 9th according to The game wasn’t even released on Steam yet on Dec 9th.

Completely agree. Shacks are a little out of control.

Don’t waste time wiping now. Wait until the next release. The official servers are currently covered with cheaters again so they are pretty much unplayable as is.

Yes, the official servers are magnets for cheaters…but wipe em anyway.

To be honest wiping won’t help at all, as the hackers will just rebuild every single sick structure that freezes the game. But I’m still for it.

inb4 ‘hurr how do you know it’s hacker built hurr noob calling every metal tower a hacker base’ - a friend has been inside plenty, fought hackers, another friend was a hacker and could see who was inside.

I still wonder what do the forum smartasses suggest as the course of action when bullied by a hacker on official servers.

Here is the thing. The way I see it I think the next update will probably be significant and require a wipe. The last update feels just like a small prep update you do shortly before something that has radical implications. I imagine that’s why they did not require a wipe knowing another one is coming soon anyways. The wipe that has happened to private servers appears as an unintended consequence.

What’s the point of starting from scratch for a week just to get wiped again next Friday or in two weeks. It’s also better for testing as more items are being used rather than everybody starting with a rock for a week.

I bought the game on 12-25 and the servers have already been wiped twice since then. Make shelters actually properly decay and a huge amount of useless structures will disappear. It takes time to get well established in this game. If they are going to be wiping the servers monthly I’m out.

Most Private servers have Wiped but that was of no help so there really is no point doing it to an official server as it will have the same effect and there will still be lag, the lag comes when interacting with things when I’m playing and have a lot of DC’s so its nothing to do with the amount that is in game its to do with a coding error or something has been put in that counter acted’s another thing on there server.


And again

Nope. They didn’t. I’ve been playing exclusively on official (until yesterday when I couldn’t stand it any more) and even through updates, patches, removal of zombies etc. it has not been wiped. The lag is pretty horrific at this point and the cheaters completely run the server like tyrants.

Edit: Not really sure how this is something one can “disagree” with, since it’s just…fact?

Check out a non official server, might have better luck. I know there are tons of places you can still build on our server, and you can see the old bases going down do to decay

Adding decay to shelters was up on TRELLO as a TO-DO. This was archived today so I’m assuming it’s done and will be in the next update.

There was a bug with shelters, they were sheltering themselves from decay :< However we’ve fixed that in the latest version, it will take another ~12 hours for all the old ones to disappear

Oh ok, ty for fixing it, any information when the next official sever wipe is coming? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wipe them!

Wipe the Official Servers!! All these rollbacks are disrupting normal play so much anyway… There was a rollback earlier today, and my house was rolled back to a date where the roof wasn’t finished… Well the gang who was harassing me decided to raid my base because of this… Just Wipe already!!! Hopefully the poll ends sooner than March 10. The poll numbers are extremely leaning towards a wipe!!

I’m glad this poll was started, Thanks…

guys u just starters, when u get same stuff and rebild did u want a wipe againt?