Official servers upon steam release?

So now that private servers have replaced the official rust servers the aspect of someone being better than you has been removed as… well you just ban them. (their servers their rules). right?

in the past 4 days ive been banned from 6 servers… lets see the reasons
-blaming death on hacks
-no clipping? (apparently in a tree?)
-aimbot faggot
-suspicion of hacking (yea… thats a reason now)

I havent played rust for about a month “or since the release of private servers” not because of this problem but because of repetition and needing a slight break. Most of my old crew are long gone and so are my rivals in this game, but thats in the fun of finding new people, atleast it would be if good players could last on a server longer than 24h without abusive children using their parents CC’s to rent servers.

All im waiting for will be the return (hopefully) of official rust servers which maybe can even include 1000man servers (full size map) compared to rented servers which maybe can only hold 50% as many as they already do. something to make official servers stand out and since they will be funded by devs and not players. In this situation we can have real players on those and leave the children or easily upset players to their private servers.

that really sums up this rant. a fun solution would be server host data on server lists so that i can see who/where its hosted as well as the age of the person so i can just block servers owned by 12 year olds. Buuut i think the return of official servers would be 1000x better. :slight_smile:

-Your favorite Noob (aka official #1 bandit <3)

Never heard of you.

if you’ve joined in the past 3 weeks or after the release of private servers in which you hide on low pop then you wont hear about me :wink:

if you played back when alpha was closed up untill it was released to steam, then you will :slight_smile: (or watched the rust leaderboards obv)

and once official servers are released, feel free to join it and meet me


Idk if you know me or anything but im Officer Don Nut in game… I miss the official servers these private servers are annoying. I liked how in the official servers everyone knew who everyone was and who and where to stay away from because thats where the clans were. There was notorious clans that everyone knew about but now the whole community is spread about…

Cause you’re new to this game lmfao

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Lol nice ban reasons, I got my-self esco and tguiz banned for blamming the admin of spawnning c4 and being :D, he banned half of the server players

Exactly! it was so much more fun and it developed a community.
before it was QQ about everyone was a bandit
then bandits became established and people helped new players avoid them
then private servers came and ruined that
and now the kids who QQ’d and we fed off own servers and ban you for being better than them.

and yes i remember you :slight_smile: rice’s pal :smiley:


hahaha at the time i posted this i just got banned from another server. jumped up to his roof with barricades, kill him with a pick and camped his bag then took his 15+stacks of metal and loot, 2minutes later while leaving the house the server crashed. turns out it didnt crash and i was just banned.
gg server #8. time to find another one.

Shouldn’t you be telemarketing something?

And agreed, most of these admins love to abuse their power.
When you raid certain people you cant tell if they are friends with the admin or dupers.

Play on Us East Coast I and stop whining :slight_smile:

Dam it laziest, y must u hak!

Recently people I know have gotten banned from different servers due to aimbot, esp, superjump, flyhacking and noclipping accusations. I would still love to see the reaction some people must have had afterwards when they notice how we climbed their poorly built house.

But hey, this is what RUST has become unfortunately. I still dream of the day Garry will realise that all this rented server thing is not fit and just cancel them all. There is nothing wrong with admitting to a mistake, however not trying to revert a mistake is wrong.

i want servers with out admins.

If you get banned from servers due to cheating, then it is because you’re cheating.
Not because you’re such a pro or something.

That’s mainly bullshit since some of the servers are admin by 12 y.o. kids

Bullshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, I cannot address how many servers I was banned from or people I know even. If people get shot or their house gets invaded, the person doing it, must hack. This is the mentality.

Also some people even ban raiders :wink:

Just the fact that you have not heard about Laziest, Ricky Rickardo, Ofrizz, Rama and maybe even me just shows that you are fresh meat!

heard of all of them, fought all of them. Never seen you tho.

I remember back in the day before keys went on sale for the dutch Auction how Laziest and I were talking about how great the game would become after they actually start letting more people in. buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, then came rented servers.

I think all the rust veterans want the official servers back. Including myself.
The old facepunch servers were a lot better in my opinion.

Stopped playing rust for about a month and after our group came back together we had a lot of trouble trying to find a good server where we all had low pings. We found 1 now but it’s so underpopulated that it’s not good pvp server.

Im not a veteran but even i want the Officals back
i play this game like 1.5 week now and got banned from multiply servers
because i owned a admin or raided a friend off a admins base
and believe if you cant kill me and i can kill you your 1 off the biggest noobs in the game
my aim sucks ass so much haha even a good aiming naked guy can kill me while im full kev
with a m4
and the server will be more populated because there are already 2 much servers
with admintool abusing little no life kiddies that have to compesate shit on the internet
because in real life they just fail 2 muchso they buy a server to feel powerfull
to ban legit players that actually put alot off time in the game

But yeah we cant do nothing about it its up to Garry and the staff


A proper oficial server would be nice

There is still some official ones, with good ping and connection.

[EU]Central by

That’s the one me and a bunch of my friends play on, its one of the few official servers left.

Feinter, thusen used to be with us In Dynasty and them he went with Ojizz and co.

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Double post !(I’m on phone lols)
Yeah, Garry please get the official ones back they are always better and I found them a lot les laggy(the last I really played Rust was back in end of August when there was only one server but I’ve played like 3-4 hours total since…)