Official stance on exploiting into rock bases?

I’m curious what the official stance on making bases inside of rocks is. I have a stalker living in a rock near my base, that keeps attempting to raid me and harass me at every opportunity. He and others that exploit into rocks are unraidable.

I would ban on my server for glitching into rocks. On them is fine.

These are not at all un-raidable, they can be accessed in nearly the identical fashion as other bases. It is usually easy to locate one of these as well, when building-locks are noticed and there are no nearby buildings.

They are harder to locate, and this is their only real advantage.

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Buildings on rocks are actually more challenging to raid, and result in more server entities, which in turn, contribute to performance issues.

I clean up a lot of raided abandoned bases both ON and off rocks on my server. I would rather prefer however that bases are put to a use. The issue with entities come with half fallen down dilapidated bases. Not one’s being used.

Yes - and in reviewing my earlier response, I see the lack of clarity I left behind… I meant to say that raiding the rock-tops results in additional unused structures (ie. unnecessary entities), since this is accomplished with twig-towers that do not get cleaned post-raid, and the rock-top pad is usually abandoned by it’s previous occupant.

I have enjoyed you admin work, but have been messed up locating my goods because you cleaned up the abandoned hut I was using as a landmark. No biggie, but some abandoned huts are quite useful to the naked wanderers. I have even used them as ambush stations.

Not rock-tops, inside the rocks, like you could in Legacy. On a rock with a low overhang, you stick your head in, place your bag, leave a fire or box outside to transfer items, then put up a cupboard. Since they can’t place a bag, the only people who can get in are cheaters and the person who owns the cupboard.

Un Raid Able

lol… Not a bad idea honestly. Unfortunately. My host is not very generous with their memory, so I have to keep on top of the entities issue. Now you can use all the boulder fields though!

I have to disagree, houses built into rocks are raidable just like any other. you first have to destroy the cupboard, by placing C4 on the outside of the rock and let the splash radius reach the cupboard. These rocks usually have a part where you can crouch and peak to see inside.

i made a couple of those rocks. And yes, people dont usually raid it since its hidden and hard to get the loot. but i pissed off the wrong group, and they came at me with 10 C4 and destroyed most of the inside of my rock, destroying floors, bags, chests, and they even got cupboard access. I even put some metal walls around the sensitive parts of the rock, but they blew them.

inside or on top of rocks, these house are 99% raidable. just harder.

I agree with you on the part that no houses should be unraidable. It doesnt have its place in rust. But houses inside rocks are not unraidable.

Pay attention. We weren’t talking about on top of rocks. I raid those all day. We were talking about INSIDE the rocks.

it came up in comparison to how (un)raidable they both are.

personally i couldn’t care less about people building on top of rocks. the game is designed to allow you to do so; only problem raiding them is the exclusion zone via the cupboard.

my issue is people exploiting glitches to gain an advantage. anything from rotating stairs (no longer possible) to crouching under floors, and standing to gain access, to this crap irritates me no end. you have to give the person credit for ingenuity, but it cheapens the gameplay. bit like the kid playing street fighter who just spams fireballs, it’s not fun. same as emp, i feel it should be a bannable offence most servers.

This is a nice idea in theory if you don’t know how small the splash radius is I guess. In practice though it will not work if they do not put their cupboard near the edge of the inside of the rock

I am always amazed how gamers find these exploits. It must be some overwhelming goal to investigate every possible option until the exploit is found rather than just playing the game with the obvious methods. That is what the game forces everyone to do, SURVIVE at all costs. It promotes the search for advantage. Only the strong survive. Might makes right, blah blah. Its nakeds like myself who are fodder for the rest. I know my place :slight_smile: (Just don’t under estimate my bow)

Again, these are not un-raidable. They are, as mentioned previously by myself and countless others before me, easier to raid that rock-top bases, and cost fewer resources to raid. I do it often, alone.

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Pay attention you say? Get a friggen clue and start reading the replies before you respond.
Note especially that this was in response to the Empyreanbodhi’s statement about clean-ups of abandoned buildings.

Your lack of wit and ability here and in game are not cause for change.

Official stance on exploiting into rocks: Don’t

yes, its to survives at all cost. building a normal house using “normal” rules that everybody wants you to follow will get you raided and killed. to survive you need to hide, to find new ways to be untouchable. you’d be surprised the glitch we founded. building into rocks is nothing, everybody does it on my server. the real guys are far ahead in terms of untouchable bases, due to glitches. i dont think its unfair cause those glitches are available to anyone. some exploits i spent 2 days working on them, just based on an idea i wasnt even sure existed. after having used all those glitch and exploits, im back playing the normal game cause its much more fun interact with other players. i enjoy getting raided as much as i enjoy raiding.

Wait, wait, you sleeping bag in, and raid the armored bases inside the rocks with less resources than you do with raiding rock-top bases? There are these things now, called cupboards. Unless you’re speedhacking you can’t get in without that being gone, which costs C4. You’re a moron - the other posters above mentioned you can at times be lucky with C4 to blow up the cupboard.

As for your other statement - please don’t hijack my thread and take it off topic.

As for my wit, well, please, tell us how smart you are, hell you should post it in /r/iamverysmart.

You’re either a liar, an ignorant ass with an ego or both, and obviously a noob either way.

Gotta admit,it’s funny making your base so people can glitch under it and then placing snap traps inside.

its because house in rocks are generally poorly built, because of the false sense of security those home owner have.