Official UK 2 VAC Problem

I play on UK2 Server but on server 50% cheaters with VAC ban on Rust and they can play! Restart server i can`t play! Cheaters kills everybody with auto aim!

Restarting the server won’t make them go away :v: let VAC take its course.

Or don’t play on an official server.

Getting really tired of seeing this response.

Unofficial servers can be removed at any moment, so all your progress is gone. I bet some bright spark will now say “Well hire your own server” - I should not have to hire my own server to play the damn game properly. We already bought the game. Official servers should be playable! I tried going on UK2 earlier and it is literally impossible to play. Flying aimbotting people, and even people who can shoot through walls killing everyone on there. I couldn’t even step outside my base, and when I hide inside it they can still kill you…it’s just sad. I don’t let it get me mad any more because hey that’s life, but it is really atrocious that the official servers are in such a state. As the OP stated, there are plenty of people cheating on there who when you look at their profile it says they have a VAC ban from like last week…how the fuck are they even on there?

Any server could be removed at any moment. Your progress could be lost at any time with no warning, it’s alpha.

Yes, it’s that “excuse” but stop acting like Rust is late-beta software. The game isn’t here for your enjoyment at this point, it’s here for testing and debugging. That it happens to be half-playable is a bonus.

Unless the only VAC-enabled game on their account is Rust, that doesn’t mean the VAC ban was applied to Rust. VAC may be partially disabled on official servers as a way of encouraging hackers to play where garry can watch them (in the stats logging, and live if he really wanted to I guess).

dude stop moaning what sir sievers said should be listened to, the official servers should not be playable when that version of the game is no longer being worked on, do you not read the dev blog every week, if you dont want to ply on community servers then A. Fucking rent your own or B dont play and wait like everyone else for the new version of rust to be as playable as the current version is

Edit this is to teh guy above elix

Well I wish some of that debugging went towards keeping the hackers out. It is the number one most requested feature for this game on here and the steam forums. Especially the steam forums. Multiple threads a day are made on the subject.

Nobody minds testing an alpha game and it being a little rough round the edges. But the hacking thing has gone too far. Nobody signed up for that.

Why do you think experimental is running EAC now? To be better at catching hackers.

What don’t you understand about the devs not putting effort into the legacy build? Yes, some things actually did go into the legacy build this week, but primarily it was being moved to Unity 4.5, and that broke things massively.

Legacy isn’t straight abandonware, as the devs are going to try and keep it running at least (the flaws created by moving to 4.5 were too big to ignore), but at this point going in and ridding the legacy version of hackers is just not worth their time.

Legacy Rust was just built insecurely; garry expected to have a year on Steam before the game got really popular and they had to deal with hackers. That turned out differently than expected, and the move to experimental is their response.

Why is EAC not on legacy too? Seems like a no-brainer. It would be very little work.

Why do I need to change the server? Is not it easier to write administrators to just restart it! That people with vac ban can connect to server. It`s just bug. Now on this server play 50 cheaters with jacked and everybody turn auto aim and kill all on server!

He’s telling the truth here. The number of cheaters is ridiculous. Can’t go anywhere on the map.

Server dead 90% cheaters!

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Where i can write that server restart.