Official US East Coast 2 Non Pvp Hacker found. (Reporting and Awareness.) Official admins please help.

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A guy named The_One is running through nearly everyones houses and taking everything. I have the full support of the people on the server who will back me up on this post. I currently had to grab everything out of my house and am now outside with everything and having to stay up and rebuild.

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This is currently my inventory. I will have the support of this server by my side. I hope rust takes action or steam. Sorry for not having real footage but, will have multiple others backing me up on the subject. Thank you!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

I as well have witnessed the_one walking through doors. i was unable to get a screen grab as it caught me by surprise. i hope something is done about this, otherwise a perfectly great game is ruined.

Why reporting one hacker, 1/5 is hacking right now lol

confirming cheaters on east coast 2 killed/robbed in locked house while sleeping. Found my house again after respawn and door was still locked.