Official website has been blocked in Russia

Hi! I just wanted to read about the update, but in fact I’ve got this:

Of course, exactly has not been blocked, but the other web site at the same ip-address was blocked.
IIt’s not good to be at the same ip-address as a website of islamic radicals.

What does it say?

Your address bar says Are they both blocked?

It says that the access to the is limited
And provides 3 links to check if the address is in lists of blocked sites:

But I’ve checked all of this, nothing was found.
After some investigating I’ve found other sites at the same ip including this that was actually blocked but it is not in lists of blocked sites though

Rev up those sawblade cars and melon cannons, this means war.

Both. The ip is blocked.

Works perfectly fine here.

It means that your internet provider doesn’t follow the law. :slight_smile:

Rostelecom blocks the ip-address

Which is a cloudflare IP, so they blocked Cloudflare, not the website.

Ok, Cap. But in fact there is no access to from Russia. And I can leave Russia and resolve the issue by myself.
It was really surprise for me to realise what the official web-site of Gmod works on shared hosting with other-don’t-know-who-is sites.
The best solution could be a ticket to Cloudflare (by owner) with my screen. I guess they already have got an email from so the issue could be solved.

I hate to break it to you, but the problem is with the russian filter and not an issue with cloudflare. Just be glad that they haven’t outright blocked cloudflare, staminus, incapsula, and stop-ddos yet – which they were considering doing earlier this year.

The only way that this could be resolved and prevented from happening again in the future would be for garry to:
A. Stop using cloudflare, which will almost certainly not happen
B. Apply for his own ASN to get a /24 and then pay cloudflare thousands of dollars a month to announce his own IP block, which is so unlikely to happen that I would pretty much call it impossible.

RosTelekom is shit. It’s blocking most sites without the court ruling. Just stop using it. Plz.

Rostelecom sux, Beeline FTW!

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