Offline raiding is the only thing really holding this game back...

I am not making this post to complain, but rather to find a solution to this problem.

I really do love this game and I can handle losing a fight, but something about getting raided when you’re not home is bothersome. At this point, I don’t even get angry anymore, I fully accept that it will happen, but I still lose the drive to even continue with this game when it does. Whoever says it’s fine the way it is needs to snap out of it. We need to make a system that protects the player as well keeping the game enjoyable for everyone else. I shouldn’t be punished by getting raided because I’m human and I need to sleep lmao. No matter how good you make your base, it’s victim to being raided. 90% of the time, you’re offline. Every single time I’ve been raided was when I was offline. So let’s find a solution to fix this:

Here is one suggestion I have for protecting bases. This isn’t final but we need to find a solution

**We give bases ‘Raid Protection’ when everyone authorized on the cabinets is offline. **

  • This would only last for 24 hours

  • Would only activates when NO ONE authorized is online

  • After the time limit is up, the base is open for attack

  • If strangers are in the blocked area, protection will be halted (A warning will be given to the player logging out as well. This keeps players from logging out to make their bases invulnerable.)

We could even implement the iPhone APP FP has be discussing as well. If there is only one player online and a raid is starting, that same player can run to an in game alarm quickly to wake his team up. By pressing this alarm in game, it will activate the APP on every ones phone and make a loud sound to wake them up so they have the chance to get on their computers quickly.

PLEASE suggest your ideas, we need to create a solution for this.

I see several problems with this. The authorized mechanic is easly abused by just have one person on the team beeing authorized on the CB, or even deauthorizing before logging out.

As for the alarm when someone is raiding. This might be cool for someone without any IRL responsebilities, but personally, when I’m offline, I’m offline. If I have to be on some sort of “guard duty” 24/7 i would burn out of this game pretty quickly.

My solution to offline raiding is just to build smart. Havent had any problems with offline raids the last 3-4 wipe-cycles.

The game already supports off-line base protection: teammates with different schedules. It’s a perfect solution that allows voluntary use without adding exploitable mechanics.

As far as I can remember (legacy) offline raiding has been a Rust feature. Waking up to discover your sleeping bag gone and walking the long way back home just to check if there is anything left from your base was something usual. Getting attached to something as despicable as a rust base and the stuff in it is what makes offline raids so dramatic.

Now here I see the problem, you are not suppose to be a human, you are supposed to be a Rust zombie living by game days, sleep and eat while playing the game. Just kidding, maybe your bases are too big and visible and you need a different aproach. I dont know how it is right now but the last time I have played Rust I was soloing behind a mountain, i had four noobish-looking bases (already raided or offline raided from noobs, secured and stolen by me). For two weeks noone of them were raided (Facepunch london 1).

Offline raiding is a massive part of this game, why should it be blocked? Rust is an open world sandbox game, all buildings should be able to be destroyed just as easy as the next (apart from different tiers) and they definitely shouldn’t be protected by some magic force field that activates when you log off. I find that quite stupid to be honest. Half the battle in rust is building either a base secure enough to not get raided, or one deceiving enough that no one will want to risk raiding it. If you can’t handle getting offline raided then rust clearly isn’t the right game for you.

And on another note if you’re forced to online raid then that takes raiding completely out of the picture for most solo players, and I could see a lot of people losing interest in the game altogether if they can’t raid, as once you’ve got a fully established base and all the resources you need the only thing to do in rust is either mine Sulfur to then go raiding or go out hunting other players.

Offline raiding has been a massive part of rust since the very beginning. And the game has been hugely successful, and it just seems to be getting more and more popular. the devs have never expressed any sort of intent to stopping it. So all i can really say is get over it. Shit happens. Start building smarter, or playing on lower pop servers. Or of course if you can’t handle it at all, stop playing the game.

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Also, it is not in anyway holding this game back. Go check the steam stats. I guarantee every single time you check the stats rust will be in the top ten games on steam for players.

Offline Raiding is a clever tactic and not a problem. Im alone and i want raid a 3 guy house. Its stupid to raid and fight 1vs3. Offline raid is the only way for a big group of players to raid other guys.

One way could be (im new to the game so i might be wrong) to make a Protective turret that its fairly cheap and might stop some raiders for a time…

and perhaps a defensive system? something like in the movies, that you can press a button and some metal doors block the entrances? perhaps giving a few hours of protection (6hs) and at the same time they could give the raides some digital tool to try to hack the system (like a 20% chance to discover the system code) that would give raiding a new feature

Just because you’re not good at it doesn’t mean that it should therefore be removed.
Making a safe house is a huge part of the game, and its relevance doesn’t end while you’re not home. It doesn’t IRL and I see no reason why it would need to ingame. [Dear burglar, we are on holiday and will be back at 20-2, Please come back after that date, Thanks in advance]

If there would be no thinkable strategy to prevent offline raiding, then yes, then there is an argument to make it so, but there are plenty methods to either make sure that you will not get raided offline, or that there is nothing to loot , or no base damage, or that raiding it costs more then there will be to gain, and that list goes on and on and you just haven’t went there yet.

Some examples:
Preventing offline raids:

  • Build a waterbase (Minus 99% of all offline raids. Only if you are a real dickhead ingame, or your base is right next to a place of interest might your base get raided offline (I’m pointing at You, Turncoat ;))
  • Build on top of a builder and remove ladders when you logout. (It will be really hard to get in, so only if your base looks like Disney’s Castle will people even try)
  • Hide far far away (clans build near places of interest and have most of their c4 there. Traveling to a far far away place with lots of c4 is high risk and lots of other nices bases on their path will have to be ignored, so if your base is far away and well defensed, then the risk of getting offline raided is really low

Make it so there is nothing to gain

  • Just use up all your resources before logging out, store whats left in hidden stashes (They might blow up a wall, but thats relatively cheap to restore)

Make it so that there is no damage

  • Just leave your doors open, chests empty, and place sleepingbags nearby

Make it costly to raid

  • Honeycomb an otherwise small base, add large stone walls, and make sure that even if people raided you, you’ve won, because it would’ve cost them way more then you.
  • My last big base had a ‘prisoncomplex’ in between with 9 lootrooms and I devided the stash. I got raided twice but they never took more then two rooms. Just to expensive

Have a large international clan and have no offlinetime :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of strategies to think of.
One of my most succesfull bases was a blueprintfragmentbase that I’ve stolen from someone right behind the watertower, It was a wooden 1x2 and it had it’s dooropening right behind a bush with spikes on grass in front it, it takes dmg to enter or leave. It had a visible open wooden door with keylock.
Only once in a whole month ppl got in and took what was in the small boxes, all other days I used this house as temporary storage of blueprintfragments. At quite literally the crowdiest place in the crowdiest server, the 250 player London 1 server.

The other side of the story is that of the attacker. I play solo, I can’t run with my hard earned 6 c4 in my pocket to a clanbase, shoot those 40 robbers and take home their stuff… thats just not realistic… I could do this, and have actually done this in a offline raid. But only because they had errors in their base design, I wouldn’t have a chance with that little c4 in a offline raid against a well designed base, even if it was build by just one person.

Don’t want to be raided? Build your base to look like it was raided. Fin

Good strategy
That stops some, not all. I actually check those bases for decay… to long no decay = low profile storagebase… BOOM :smiley:
But for a few days, its definately safe.
I sometimes also put stuff in my cupboard houses, but it’s risky, if they found out that your stuff is in there, then you motivated them to blow up your 1x1s.


yep ditto … i feel that’s a natural reaction, and it makes the game very much less fun experience when it happens and it is an helpless feeling… perhaps can feel hard done by or even that it is very unfair way of been able to do things

but it is the game and we just have to carry on…i know a lot of chaps move a different server or don’t play for a while after it happens

but regaurdless what happens in the end most cannot stay away from rust

off-line base raiding has been a part of this game since the very start. I hate to come back to a raided base too but that is the way the game is and no one can play 24/7 so I don’t really have an issue with it.

If I want to raid someone I prefer to do it when they or their group are off line. Being a solo player it is the easiest way to raid.

Building your base in such a way to make it very expensive to be raided is how I do it. I can’t tell you how many times a group tried raiding me and 3/4 of the way through they ran out of c4 and rockets. All because my bases are built with so many walls and doors that it takes a ton of explosives to get through it…from all sides, top and bottom.

Of course I still lose everything from time to time but that is Rust.

I wanted to wait to see others reply before posting and it is just what I thought.
Sgtteddybear5, I have noticed a few post’s by yourself and while I commend you for at least attempting to shake up some interest, it is and will be an afterthought. Why? It’s already been hashed out time and time again by people on this forum for the past two years.
Again, not trying to bash you here, just try and take the time to look over older post’s on the forums before posting. I am quite sure you will see the answers you look for,even if it is not what you are desiring in the game.
Offline raiding? Been that way for a looooong time. We have adapted to this system and so should the newer arriving player base.

people offline raid mostly because people get butthurt and despawn their stuff…

Hmm. They could add hidden traps to the game, different or cheaper turrets, or maybe secret walls, stashes.

Traps only slow people down. When an offline raid is happening, the raiders have all the time in the world. Traps do nothing in an offline raid.

There’s a simple defense to offline raiding, and it’s the same as it’s always been:

Make your base so difficult to get into that the raiders spend more resources getting in than they get out of your loot.

Build a ring of 5-6 high external wooden walls. It takes less than a minute to gather enough wood to build one wooden wall; a team of 3 can gather enough to make a sea of walls in less than 30 minutes realtime.

Space them far enough apart to take up a lot of space, but close enough so that you can’t build in between. Use a minimum of 4 gates – again, spaced appropriately. On the outside, put a ring of wooden walls like spikes radiating out from the center. If you do it correctly, your wall will be far too deep to jump over with a raid tower. Raiders will need to spend a minimum of 8-12 C4 (or waste a TON of tools) before ever setting foot inside your base.

Next, design your base intelligently. Don’t put your loot room on the top floor – that’s the first place I’m going to look. Use lots of doors. Use lots of dead ends. Use honeycombs. Don’t rule out armor (on a side note, why is it that so many bases seem to stop at metal without upgrading to armor? Going to armored walls requires one additional C4 per wall, which can translate to a dozen extra C4 during a raid). You’re trying to make it so that they spend a dozen C4 getting past the high exterior walls, and another dozen C4 getting into your base. That’s a LOT of resources spent.

But finally, the raiders make it into your loot room and receive their bounty: a few thousand stones, some cloth, 20 cooked pork, and some clothing. After all, you were smart enough to scatter your loot all over the map in little well-hidden 1x2 huts … right?

Since the first days of Rust, people have built massive, towering bases filled with loot right next to landmarks or well-traveled areas, and then thrown temper tantrums when they get raided. The problem isn’t with the game; it’s with the players.

You can’t protect the player and at the same time keep the game enjoyable for everyone. You should be punished when getting raided, it’s a huge part of the game. The game is about surviving against everything that goes at you at all times. Raiding is a huge part of it no matter if online or offline. Remove it and you kill something very unique in the game.

The current problem is not offline raiding, the problem is the fact that currently offline raiding gives the most loot so everyone chooses to do that rather than fight it out and increase the fun.

You should focus on the fact that when people get raided they fight for a while and then drop all the loot when they are being run over. That is what has created the offline raiding mentality.

Make online raiding give the same benefits as offline raiding (or even more benefits) and you will see more people choosing that over raiding offline.

Great point!