Offroad Gokart Concept

Right, so I thought of an idea about how one axle can move in two directions while being restricted; that is leaning and that moves up and down, as if using suspension (which it does). I played around with ballsockets a bit and came up with a pretty decent concept.

Me and Butler winded up recording it and here you go. Please do focus on how the axles and bodies react to each other. It might not be that obvious in the video.

And here are some pictures of my later on developed design of the offroad gokart. It works exactly the same, but the two suspension parts in the rear and front are invisible. So there. I was gonna build a small gokart motor on it aswell but I sorta got uninspired.

Small tutorial:

  • Use a similar setup and snap the moving parts 30 degrees down.
  • Setup shocktowers.


  • See those eyes? Connect those parts with the body with the adv.ballsocket tools using the following settings:

X min: -35
X max: 30

Y min: -10
Ymax: 10

Z min: 0
Z max: 0

Uncheck Free Movement.

The Y values decides how much the suspension will be able to lean sideways. And X determines how much it’ll go up and down. Don’t forget to increase weight and shit.


  • Shoot the rig on these points with any elastic setting you wish. Now, I won’t give you details on it because it’s very personal how much you want it to jump up and down or just be as stiff as a kok. But I suggest a little more Relative Damping than Damping.


  • Now make your own turning system. Whichever method you want to use. They all work. Thing is, if you’re using this method, you need to place the slave on the same prop the spindles are connected to.
    This is the system I used:

I’m sure you’re all familiar with it.


for some reason i really like the chasis he built for it, real nice

good job dude, i had a fun time helpin ya :wink:

Woah, that looks like It handles well


Yeah it does. It slides so beautifully when you turn it! A really comfy ride.

Wow guys nice progress, I have a feeling you will make a good team :slight_smile:

hehhe yea

you should see out treehouce

Lookin’ Good!

Lololo i liek.

I really like this, Maybe a possible dupe or even a little tut?

Would love a tut on that.

Sure, I can release a tutorial and a dupe as soon as I get back home. Or something similar.

Thanks it just looks so smooth.

Come back to bed.

This is pretty sexy looking, Ima do something like this. (Notutorialkthx)

Nice. Would be a great way to make a low-lag but realistic feeling suspension; less constrains.

Looks like you could do this with maybe two ballsockets and an elastic…or is there more to it?

The base with turning consists of six props, no ropes whatsoever, two ballsockets, two shocktowers and five elastic suspensions. I don’t even have MS Paint on this shitty excuse of operating system so making a tut has been kinda hard. Sorry bout that, working on it.

EDIT: plus spindles.


Hopefully helpful tut added.


an offraod gocart?
You must mean a fourwheeler.
nice job :slight_smile: