Offroad Thrasher + download

I’m starting to get into parenting, real bitch to get to save. Sometimes dupe won’t even save them all. Here’s a biggy plus a download so you can use it. Has full suspension and steering, independent front and live axle rear. Also has sounds, plays all 4 gears of the hl2 jeep but pitched up to sound better. I’ll be releasing some “engine plates” later so everyone can have them.

Watch the vid in high quality, regular quality sucks ass.

Good wurk as allwaiz. GULD STAR

hahaha nice tags for the download, where do you put the sound file?

as I said, they’re the hl2 jeep’s sounds, pitched up.


the sound file has nothing to do with anything but’s stupid zip scanner.

How does the claiming your work thing work ? :O?


Also, Karb, That is probably the most simple buggy I’ve seen from you. Good work though.

Holy fucking shit.

May I ask what prop you have the front two wheels constrained to?

also do you know how to get adv dupe to save weight

by having the weight tool


people dissecting mah buggy :frowning:

No it is just that i have made many similar cars same suspension and all and every time I save it adv dupe always fucks up something on it even though the original worked perfectly.

The same happens to me. It’s just duplicator’s fault.

That’s epic, but i don’t trust the rollcage… :o:

The video needs more “Do a barrel roll” meme’s.
Pretty cool, but I don’t like the offcenter camera, it makes it look like it’s sliding along.

Awesome cakes. You make me want to build a buggie! :lepard:

Nice! I’ll download this! …and go around spawning it on servers… claiming it as MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

A nice change in shape/form for you. Starred.

Engine sound is fuckin Hot.



lol it’s lies, but it’ll deter some faggots I guess c:


Good one… Very original.

I figured, but I know wire has a thing that does some function when you say a certain word or phrase. :v: