Offscreen Lesbians making out in Offscreen Toilet


I also used this pic to make DemonicLemon’s avatar. :love:

The posing of the bricks is magnificent. I hope to see more of this.


Thread delivers.

The color design is beautiful

so bad U.U

I thought this looked familiar :v:

Same here. :v:

Dat concrete.

dat paint

dat not aligning texture


This is getting old.

Goes to write “Brickposing 101” tutorial series

Hggnnn, i can’t stop cumming!

Come closer, my child.

Then it would be all over the brick wall!

Is it bad that I looked in the picture for lesbians kissing for a couple minutes at least, only to realize it said offscreen? Damn you, Butthurter.

Haha, nice one.

You know when you appreciate a work of art so much you just… are inspired to try and improve it and make it better in some way? Well, that’s what this picture did to me. I know I didn’t get your premission, Butthurter, but I’m also sure you won’t mind. Oh, yes.