Offscreen survivor repelling offscreen zombie attack

great! i love the posing

This isn’t generic at all!

Been done before.


Rated artsy

Thumbs up on the posing!

I am in awe.


that’s pretty smart

Your best yet.

The posing on the rebel’s left leg looks really odd and the bullet wound on the third zombie on the left looks way too bright. But otherwise it’s good.

It’s like describing Freeman’s words . . . full of nothing! :v:

i’m afraid the joke is old…
still,it looks…huh decent?

I shed a manly tear because of this photo,rated pallet.

Dude, where did you get those models?

Rated arty.

you clever bitch


This is the perfect screenshot.

god damnit.
why cant we all be as good as you.

Great editing!