Oficial Server South America

Hi Garry and friends:
This is the second time i ask this, can I get an answer at least ?

I’m Chaski and im part of a south american rust community. At the moment we are more than 70 active ppl playing Rust, with new members everyday. We would like to know what it takes to have an official server of South America.
We have a very good and complete machine which is optimal for hosting a Rust server (this machine is not a VPN) and we are willing to give username and password with root powers.

***The reason of why we want an official server is because of the TIME, for example we have 4 hours more than you guys atm, this makes the game very annoying cuse when you wake up you see yhour house raided without chances of defending it Also because of the lag we experience playing on NA servers (more than 200). incerely, Chaski.

PLEASE, PLEASE give us an answer, there’s a lot of ppl wanting to play the game but those issues are really throwing ppl out of the game.


Please don’t bump your threads, it is highly discouraged. Also, please go to the rust subforum for this.

ahhr… this isn’t the Rust subforum? And before replying at least read the topic, 've bumped it cuse i dont want to do another thread writting the same.

No, the server subforum is here. As for bumping, you are not supposed to.