OfTheGods EU|PVP|Sleepers|24/7

Hey this is a new server I have started, this server has just been wiped as of 27th December.
I have been on unfair servers in the past, the purpose of this server is to bring teams, clans and groups of friends together to fight each other, on a even playing field.
A lot of clan servers are in favor of the clan who own the server, this one will not.

Server Settings:
EU Only
PVP Enabled
Sleepers Enabled
Stable, 24/7
Airdrops @10
50 Slots

Server Connection Details:
Open the console by pressing F1 at the server menu and type -

All clans are welcome, if you don’t have a clan, feel free to join the server and team up with me or ask around to join other clans.

Mumble Details
Port: 3412

Everyone on the server is welcome to the Mumble, as OTG have a channel for members only.

Server is currently down, seems like all servers are down.

Server is back up but seems to be lagging out still…

All servers seem to be back up.

Just like to thank everyone who decided to jump on and play.

server is back up and running.

Edit: experiencing down time again due to ddos.

We are back up!