.OGG files - allowe in GMOD, not whitelisted in uploaders... WTF

Hello, is anyone thinking in that group which releases updates to GMOD/ uploaders?

Since Garry removed mp3 support from gmod (ow yea, 10k GPB on licenses, yet GMOD still making profit…) and after some time (who gave a fuck and made any bigger notification? no one) replaced it with .ogg support.
Now we have this fancy situation- GMOD plays .ogg files, which are WAY smaller than .wav (40MB to around 2MB), yet we cannot upload it cause it’s not whitelisted.
I thought that someone would think about it BEFORE releasing it…
Does anyone know what sound files besides .wav and .ogg are supported by both gmod and gmpublish? Or someone would be nice enough and add .ogg files to the whitelist?

mp3 is still supported in gmod since it moved to the BASS module

-snip snap-

There are more stuff not whitelisted than just .ogg

Hold on a sec, so mp3 is still available? Why no one informed ppl about it? Cause reading from my glass-sphere doesn’t seem to be working, google doesn’t give any helpful info.
So is there any guide with required codes/syntax which is usable? I’m looking something to put in place of SoundObject:PlayEx(vol, pitch)
The gmod wiki is older than the earth itself, no one cares about it…

How is GMod wiki old?
You can use .wav, .ogg and .mp3 in GMod, just make sure the sample rate is correct. ( 41000Hz )

I thought it was 44100 Hz.

It might be that, I can’t remember the exact value.