"Oh bosh't-" - Quarian to be blown to tiny bits by large mech

He was about to say “Bosh’tet”, a curse among Quarians.


Not happy with smoke


The lighting on the eye is really nice , and yeah smoke and rocket flame is a bit weird.

really neat lighting

The lighting is probably the strongest aspect in this screenshot, not the editing :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dat mech.

-Insert squish pun here-

Looks nice.

that fucking bosh’tet

Great Models Robot.

Don’t worry! The smoke is fine.

I like the posing!

Thanks for the positive comments everyone :3:


It seems like Filesmelt has borked.

Make a Deviantart account, your pictures can be as big as you want and it never goes down :v:

Not a bad idea, I’ll set one up.