"Oh bullshit. The road's FUBAR, people." The survivors' car gets stuck in a storm at night





Get it? I hope everyone gets it. First pic might help a bit if you don’t.

Yes it is pretty fucking hard to hold a cup of hot coffee so perfectly still that suddenly appearing ripples would grab your attention, but I don’t care at this point. I would have put it on the dashboard if the car model I posed the ragdolls in would have had an actual dashboard.

Everything was scenebuilt on GM_Scenebuild_Night. Public release of the maps draws near.


Original pictures:





There goes one of my larger threads.

Comments are always welcome.

coffee is rippling…

i dont get it but its nice and so is the map

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oh my god i get it now oh my god

That’s some pretty epic editing there. I like the mood it conveys.

I see the secret :3:

God damn you Joazzz.

Love the first one. Your eyes start mistaking trees for whatever could be out there.

Atmosphere looks so real.
Zoey and Bill are lifeful.

Beautiful work, the lighting is just incredible.

God damn Joazzz. That is some fucking sexy scenebuilding and editing.

Is this sexy wet ground on the first pic pasted in?

Simply awesome

Nope, completely in-game :v: I just highlighted it a bit in parts to simulate reflections.

I demand Part 2.

First I need to pose a group of taliban parkouring over US tanks.

Left 4 Dead + Jurassic Park made by Joazzz?
Woah. Amazing Work right there.

Great work Joazzz

Not a J-Park, I think. Vampires were mentioned in the text, so first I’ve thought about the “I am the legend” book.

Not quite sure I’m right, anyway

That’s exactly the first thing I thought at the first pic.

I stole the general idea from JP, and Francis usually calls the Infected ‘vampires’.

The large fence is just some random electric fence I put in there as a further reference to JP.

Bill’s cigarette is sparkling in the second pic. But it doesn’t really matter, great pics man.