"Oh crap crap crap!" - Soldier hiding from a sniper


I think I posted this before but I didn’t get any replies so I’m trying again! :v:
I did this image last year, I think it’s much better than my current poses.

The laser is not logical.
It would completely give the snipers position away (assuming he was hiding in a good spot, which he isnt, regardless of it looking like hes wearing a ghillie)

Faceposing on the soldier is good though, as Phsykotik said.

Hollywood red-beam! I like the soldier’s faceposing.

i don’t like the camera’s angle
also the composition is too dark
and there’s not enough action

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but in general it’s pretty good

Well I got used to watching movies where snipers give themselves away so easily just to scare the person they’re hunting (notice how the soldier has nowhere to run). Guess it’s time to throw that out of my head!

Call of Duty and most military movies aren’t good reference for sniping tactics.Generally a sniper does not want to give their position away.

Well I understand that about movies but I never used Call of Duty as a reference. :v:

They would only do that if they want to die.

Mayby thats what they want you to think. And why just one sniper?

Well, snipers are quite highly trained individuals. Besides, they find their camping spots themselves. Snipers can’t have enemies intercepting info about where they’re camping!

My only real problem with this picture: the sniper.


  1. Why is the sniper so close to his target? (Most modern sniper rifles could hit someone a mile away)
  2. Why is he out in the open with a ghillie suit? It destroys the point of it really.
  3. Why is he using a laser sight? If it was to scare the soldier, not knowing the sniper’s location is scarier.
  4. If he’s really trying to kill the soldier, why doesn’t he just shoot at the wooden crates? The bullet would have no trouble penetrating one.

Lol bit of an exaggeration.

Okay, I’ll use the Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle as an example. The Berrett M82 has an effective range of 1,800 m or 5,906 ft (That’s more than a mile). And even if I’m wrong, that doesn’t change the fact that the sniper is relatively close by.

Never thought about any of those when making that. I’ll make sure to think next time I’ll be making something similair! :v:

Not at all. It’s an understatement. One of your boys hit a machine gun crew (two men) at something like two and a half with consecutive shots.

It largely comes down to the shooter, but in the right hands, your typical modern military sniper rifle is effective to at least a mile and a half, further for larger calibres.

OP - laser sights don’t work like the one in this picture, duder. Lasers in general don’t, actually. Unless there’s dust/murky water/some other kind of solid particle in the beam’s path, it’s invisible. All you see is the dot at the end. Snipers also go to great pains not to give away their presence, much less their position. On top of that, any true sniper also has a spotter. That ‘lone sniper’ thing is a load of complete tosh.

An invinsible person is raping the sniper from behind.

Looks like he is taking a big load.

Thanks a ton! FP is awesome when it comes to straight up C&C :h:

He’s too close to the soldier, snipers work best from far away.