"Oh fuck" Louis about to have a very bad day

Sorry for PNG but otherwise the background would be fucked even more.


Okay let’s see what we got here

many days later

Ah here we are. Cool posing on the left witch, nice faceposing on the right witch. Picture is pretty empty though.

I tought the emptiness added some nice atmosphere to the picture :smile:
Thanks :buddy:

Theres a lot of empty space in the middle of the pic. Otherwise, looks good.


cmon, just turn off your flashlights and run

Hahaha Louis faceposing is so fitting.
Great posing and shading.

Wallpaper’d, just moved everything to the right :buddy:


Lighting is good except in Louis’ face.

Posing is wonky on his legs, otherwise great picture

Thanks dude!

Great pic :J

Very nice.


You are good with light Comby. I think the space is fitting for the pic. Love Louis’s expression.

picture isn’t loading at all…

Thanks fixd it.

Lots of empty space in the middle, but the editing/posing is spot on. Maybe add a little eye-glowy to the witches?

Also: .png is fine with me because neither my internet nor my computer sucks.

I like it man

Hmmm i would say that fingerposing has some errors, and nice work on the lighting he looks like Will Smith