Oh god help

All of the entities on my map just disappeared, props, lighting everything. I just loaded up the map and they are all gone. Please help this is horrid.

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Decompile it. Set it to only keep the entities. There’s another thread on this on the front page I think.

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I have no idea why this happens though

Check your Visgroups and please use the question megathread next time

I did check and no one ever answers anything in the megathread because the only reason people go there is to ask questions.

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Didn’t work, not sure if I did it right.

Rename the VMX to a VMF file and check if the entities are in that version?


Have you checked that you are loading the correct engine version/game before you start hammer?


It sounds like Hammer isn’t loading the proper Game Data files, given that it’s at least loading the brushes. Double check in ‘Tools -> Options…’

This might happen if you messed with any of the directory names Hammer is set to recognize to load these materials. Did you make any recent changes like this?

EDIT: Check below.

In red you have your configuration. Whatever this is set to, make sure the game data files in green match the configuration (ignoring the extra jbep3_gold .fgd I have there, of course). This goes without saying…


…And if THAT doesn’t work, I recommend verifying your game files for whatever configuration you have.

Everything is completely as it should be.

In that case, try loading a different map with the same configurations, and see if you can still spawn the same entities you were using.


I can spawn them fine, it is just the ones I already had (a ton) will not appear.

Just open the VMF in Notepad and check if the actual entities do still exist. If they do, it’s a Hammer error.

Were they there when you first tested the map? If not, are you sure you don’t have a prop_dynamic set to a prop_static, or something along those lines?