Oh God how do I lauch this game.

I’ve had this thing for ages but I forgot how to launch it, how 2 do it?

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And I missed spelled launch.

Go to http://www.playrust.com/ and wait. It’s not up right now.

could someone help me make an account for rust? i understand more than likely i wont get a key or anything but i would still like to try and at least set up a account :slight_smile: thanks

They ain’t a help thread boy, I was just wondering why I couldn’t launch the damn thing.

You can’t, the devs are updating the game.

How long has it said “Pat is awake”? I just woke up a bit ago to see it.


Pat is our great provider and benefactor, nobody can make him sleep, but I digress. Lock the thread mods I had no clue the sever was down.

Few hours.