Oh God, They're Coming

I can’t say this is my first edit, but it’s really the one I’m most proud of. There’s not a whole lot going on, but I didn’t want it to be too chaotic. Minimalism was supposed to fit the mood.


Criticism welcomed.

Reminds me of HL2

It looks like they’ve had an argument because they’re sat so far apart. Like it’s someone’s fault “they’re coming”.

It’s a tad boring. Try zooming the camera, find a better angle, and throw some dynamic lighting in there. Great in concept, but the execution is sloppy.

The problem with dynamic lighting is that I can’t get Gmod to go over Dx80, or else it crashes. It’s really frustrating, because it’s the only steam game I have that doesn’t want to work at peak settings.

I tried adding in my own dynamic lighting, but yea. I’ll work on my camera angles.

I was expecting a bunch of guys jerking off when I saw the title:keke:

Really. Ok posing. You should have added more though. Non action poses is better served with some nice lightening or prop placement. But I see what you went for here.

This must be the way people come in the suppression field :pervert:

Good use of angle and blur but the choice of models is rather bad. Especially the man’s fingers look like a single block of matter.