"Oh god! We're being overrun!"


I know the blood isn’t any good. But if any of you fine gentlemen could link me to a blood tutorial, I’d appreciate it very much.

it just a full editing tut but it shoud help http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=863858

The flash looks like it was pasted on.
The weapons are floating
And there is a LOT of empty space from the camera angle.

for starters,the blood is way to bright, turn that down with the brightness/contrast under the color tab. the rest is here

Why is there Bigfoot dragging a soldier?

It’s eating him.

Isolation. Don’t forget it.

The blood. :byodood:

I never saw so much wasted space


Your posing is alright, but the blood is awful.

Yup. In the midst of all the confusion, Bigfoot chose to strike, choosing the wounded soldier who has no idea what’s happening.

Posing is okay. Flash looks fake. And, of course, empty space. It looks like the military had less than a squad guarding one area.

Posing is ok. The empty space turns me off though

and then it’s going to eat me too. Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!