"Oh god, what have they done to Jeromy! " First Scenebuild

There’s a bit of back story. The corpse was an old hobo, but was wise and taught the two characters in the screenshot as kids. They walk down this alleyway to find him dead, and a mysterious gnome…


Unedited (Does not count ingame postprocessing):


Zoom out X1:


Zoom out X2:


My fourth pose, and my second in gm_construct
First scenebuild, second using the light tool to add lighting effects.

The scenebuild is pretty bland. Try to put in some more detail.


What have they done?
I just cant tell without seeing the “scenebuild” he was killed.

The gnome lies. DON’T LISTEN TO HIM! /caps

where can i find that road prop?

Not very complicated scene build.
And the angle is horrible. :confused:

In other words needs more details and a better angle.
I recommend choosing the main angle at least before you start placing props.