Oh great another rp request.

As you read the title i believe that’s what you where thinking but hear me out.
My idea is the same as arma 2 roleplay as it is a very good roleplay experience. I was going to make this but do not have the time on my hands to do so! So anyway here is the general idea.
There are only 2 jobs One Cop’s and 2: Civilians. But yet that is not the only 2 jobs. The civilians are able to buy stores and sell their goods. (ex. Buy a truck shop manufacturer trucks for a low price and sell them for a higher price, Ex2. buy a boat fish sell it to the market which people go to buy food to live and go on with their marry lifes.)
The only problem with gmod is none of the maps are really big enough for like helicopters and such which was a great addition to the game. I think this is a great idea for a gamemode if you disagree then oh well.



Again, people forgot what RP was. Just check how people pick RP names. “ARMA 2 RP” which is a WAR game.

Too loud man. Turn it down a bit and reduce the background noise, not bad though.

lol arma roleplay, good times.

typical day rping on arma

Pro ArmA RP Guide:

  1. Goto terror base
  2. Dupe money
  3. Become aslan
  4. listen to people cry in global chat all day

Excuse me?

we need to hire a cryptologist

One can buy a boat and go fishing. Afterwards, the fisherman can sell the fish to the market, where others can go to purchase food. When the transaction is complete, everybody will benefit, allowing the people to go on with their cheerful lives.

Allow me to give you a tip, Zurchi. Assuming that you plan to respond to the thread, take what has happened as a lesson. Unless a form of payment is given, people will probably just ignore the thread and just insult it, and the OP. Also, typing a post that doesn’t require a translation would probably help.

For real. But wait some time in the game or the admins will find out.