Oh hey look concept art!


Just some Ideas. Anyone wanna try?

I guess that’s a no.

Oh shit auto-merge!

Requirements for good concept-to-model art:

  • Front View
  • Back View
  • Side View
  • Can actually draw
  • Good quality picture
  • Good concept

See you again in a few years.

I’m pretty sure you can’t draw well either.

I’ve never shown any of my drawings so I’m pretty sure you have no idea what you’re talking about. No need to get defensive.

I’m afraid Gordo has a point. Trying to model something thats on an odd angle, low quality and out of proportion always ends badly. I speak from experience.

Alternatively, you can search for images that closely match what you want. For example I did a quick google image search for “tactical vest” and found something similar to you’re second design.

Hope this helps. Keep practicing to hone you’re drawing skills.

The fuck reason did you post your concept art if you just get defensive and can’t take good constructive criticism.

Good start I guess, but if you want good concept art it has to be drawn orthographically if possible, basically no perspective on it, I’m just learning how to model stuff but having perspective on your reference pictures makes it quite a bit harder to make something close to the original, even more so if you can’t hold whatever it is you are making in your hands.

In short, everything that gordo said, I’m just backing him up more.

The criticism I can take, it’s just the

that sounded a little hostile.

Absolutely nothing hostile about it. That’s roughly the amount of time it takes for someone to become a decent artist.