"Oh, hi. Didn't see you there" - Dex in city 17



Looks nice, but i think someone stole his shoulders.

Badabim, badabom - better?

God, the ending to the latest season…
Amazing and horrible.

the guy has stands out too much, so it really doesn’t look like’s he’s actually in the scene. just looks pasted on

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but maybe that’s because of the background itself, I don’t know.

Offically creeped out

He is like looking at the fly

Wouldn’t exactly call him Dexter.

I agree, not very Dextery.

When I made it I had Dexter more as an inspiration rather then concretely him. Inspired a bit by the Dexter posters.
T’was first when I made the title that I decided I’d say he was Dexter.

I trust this guy.

Well, I like watch this series.

I understand what you mean, it’s the fact that he’s lit near the floor when the floor isn’t lit. I had previously considered lighting it, but I decided not to. Took away the mystery a bit. And darkening the character’s shoes kind of made the whole thing worse. Either way, that’s my opinion.