"Oh hi doggie" - Gladiator faces a ferocious dog

Yeh, it’s one of these types.


I bet 10 bucks on axe head winning

I like this concept, btw

First thing the title made me think was The Room

Sky needs some work, but the idea’s good.

hows his sex life

what a story gladiator

I knew someone would pick that up.

Because it’s clear? Not seeing any point in working on it.

Where’d you get the gladiator models, they’re hawt.

The other one is a psycho goon from Batman Arkham City and the other one is my own reskin of an Army of two 2 enemy with bunch of models mashed on it.

Oh hi Exorade. Any chance I could get that reskin, because he is pretty fucking sweet.

Too fucking cool.

Haven’t seen a screenshot from you in a while that was based on your gladiator concept. Good work.

It’s just that it’s kinda boring (implying the sky has to be exciting). Dunno, feel like it needs a cloud or explosion or something. As is it’s just a flat blue sheet.